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Alonzo is a DIRECT import from Hungary! His bloodline is from some of the best in Eastern Europe - his sire is Di Peranera Kennel of Hungary and the dam is Gem’ Givveeon Kennel out of Russia. These bloodlines have created a loveable family dog with excellent temperament and drive. He shows and works well. He is the best of all worlds. 

He is an impressive Doberman with  very dark mahogany markings, a big head, perfect conformation, excellent muscle tone and thick bone structure. He does not have any white, blue or fawn traits in his bloodline. He will produce nothing but the best and, sires at least 10 to 12 pups per litter.

At a height of 30” and weight of 95lbs, Alonzo is very alert and has alot of prey drive not afraid of anything. He is protection and obedience trained and is currently being trained to get his first title in 2014 for his BH and Shutzund IPO I.

We offer FULL AKC with a 15 years generation pedigree. So if you are a SERIOUS about getting an exception Doberman of you own, please call Richard at 949-407-9989. If you want to view him please call and give us a 24hr notice.

Our services consist of two visits during the breeding period to guarantee conception. If your female does not get pregnant we offer free stud service the next time she is in heat. 

“Our prices will not be beat - we will match anybody's fees that is a comparable match of our male.”



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